Build Date: December 12

The Day of Assembly Language

Modules, products or systems built on December 12 emphasize the importance of hardware and interfacing with it is their main goal. They have a window into physical memory. Components built on December 12 are active and computationally healthy regardless of being thin or fat clients and give impression of being comfortable with hardware even when computing expressively. They let other components know about their presence. The voice quality of a module, a product or a system built on December 12 (*) is more important characteristic than what they are voicing. In order to grow, December 12 components must deeply explore hardware resources. However they shouldn’t be overly attached to ageing hardware. They must learn values of limits and correspondingly restrict their computational activities. Structuring their idle time and data consumption are paramount to their security. Here local data is better than remote with its network system excitations.

(*) The voice of EXE, DLL or SYS component can be generated with the help of Dump2Wave tool.

DLL, SYS and EXE born on this date:

WMEncEng.dll Thu Dec 12 13:09:17 2002
CHDART64.sys Tue Dec 12 20:07:25 2006
volmgr.sys   Tue Dec 12 22:29:12 2006
msisadrv.sys Tue Dec 12 21:42:18 2006
pci.sys      Tue Dec 12 21:42:27 2006
swenum.sys   Tue Dec 12 22:28:16 2006
mssmbios.sys Tue Dec 12 21:42:24 2006
termdd.sys   Tue Dec 12 22:53:43 2006
COMMONFX.SYS Wed Dec 12 02:47:17 2007
CTEDSPSY.SYS Wed Dec 12 02:47:15 2007
CTEDSPIO.SYS Wed Dec 12 02:47:12 2007
CTEDSPFX.SYS Wed Dec 12 02:46:05 2007
ctprxy2k.sys Wed Dec 12 02:45:54 2007
ctaud2k.sys  Wed Dec 12 02:45:52 2007
ha10kx2k.sys Wed Dec 12 02:45:39 2007
ctoss2k.sys  Wed Dec 12 02:45:38 2007
ctsfm2k.sys  Wed Dec 12 02:45:34 2007
emupia2k.sys Wed Dec 12 02:45:33 2007

Weaknesses: Expensive, stuck in development.

Strengths: Hardware expressive, computationally expansive.

Advice: Don’t spend too much time with hardware. Be realistic about software and not overly attached to its objects.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

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