On the Moon and Software

The Moon represents constant change and therefore it influences computer memory. Because the Moon symbolizes fertility it also influences the direction of software execution life-cycles, for example, the creation and destruction of objects. At the Full Moon corresponding software activity also increases. Being Time keeper the Moon influences whether software crashes and hangs, the so called “software fate”. Related to water the Moon represents the Great Ocean of Bits and also represents behaviour in software occurring without creator’s will or control. Three principal phases of the Moon correlate with software life-cycle: new code, fully matured code and discarded legacy code. Changeability of the Moon corresponds to observable irrational behaviour of software and unpredictable results. Never seen the dark side of the Moon corresponds to never seen software defects. Experience with the Moon influence on computer memory provides a great vision of the inner workings of software and makes it possible to really perceive ideal non-functional requirements before they translate to their implementation.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ SoftwareAstrology.com

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