Build Date: December 8

The Day of Orphaned Processes

Modules, products or systems built on December 8 are totally committed to their computational goals. However this creates problems with their responsibility to users and emerging tension can leave computational processes in agonizing state unless an environment is less hostile and some resources were reserved in advance. Over period of their life time components become adapted and begin to spend less of their allotted resources. Products built on December 8 often process overwritten data but don’t see that. They also have a tendency to use destructive interfaces and they seek absorbing component containers draining computational resources from them but giving almost nothing back. As a result, modules, products or subsystems built on December 8 are driven to abandon their hosting computational processes. Highly developed December 8 components are able to direct their resources into useful data output and be stable and acceptable during their computation. Internal state watchfulness and other interface awareness are very important to them because neighbouring modules and interfacing subsystems do not always have the same level of QoS. Modules, products or subsystems built on December 8 must set realistic expectations in order to preserve their internal state. They must be aware of all sorts of interface addictions which are characterized by a computational needs with increasing number of method calls. Therefore they must develop moderate enumeration techniques including remote interface discovery via detached proxies.

DLL, SYS and EXE born on this date:

cercsr6.sys  Wed Dec 08 18:31:10 2004
symc810.sys  Fri Dec 08 18:40:59 2000
MSIMG32.DLL  Wed Dec 08 17:18:25 1999
INDICDLL.DLL Wed Dec 08 17:17:52 1999
SHLWAPI.DLL  Wed Dec 08 11:11:49 2004
WS2HELP.DLL  Wed Dec 08 17:15:40 1999
NETRAP.DLL   Wed Dec 08 17:15:38 1999
NETUI1.DLL   Wed Dec 08 17:15:38 1999
ntshrui.dll  Wed Dec 08 17:15:03 1999

Weaknesses: Troubling behaviour. Indecisive if-else. Inconsistent state.

Strengths: Interesting code. Friendly UI. Energetic computation.

Advice: Be responsible during debugging sessions.

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