Build Date: December 7

The Day of Idiosyncratic Code

Modules, products or systems built on December 7 are one of a kind. Having peculiar and just weird code they find it difficult to fit into module list or coexist with other systems and subsystems. Sometimes we can find them doing many types of abnormal things. Because of that they also interface well with other weird components. Components built on that date like to be accepted as normal so they occasionally fit well in DLL crowd. They struggle to fit and this has impact on their internals. During their earlier stages of development they often try to compute many different unrelated things and only after some time they choose the best domain of computational activity and therefore what they compute is not always financial stuff. Sometimes looking at behaviour of modules, products or systems built on December 7 we may believe in their failure to compute but in reality it was not at all. During their initial development stages they raise high expectations, often difficult to meet and this causes their violent computational behaviour resulting in their subsequent isolation. However components built on December 7 are fortunate to have caring developers during their life cycle who see their potential and bring the best and unique computational result out of them. These modules stand out of component crowd. However once they become older in the course of their life cycle of computational activity they should be careful not to become too isolated from the realities of computational world. Their computational dreams during idle cycles might leave them in abnormal memory states having little to do with their intended computational activities and goals. To counteract that they should keep minimum of normal computational activities while idle, maintain close interface contact with relationship components and post communication requests. In component relationships sometimes they might need to send messages to themselves. The code of December 7 components is very sensitive to changes. All external interfaces must be sealed. If they are surrounded by very small modules then it is good for them. To avoid computational allergies, modules, products or systems built on December 7 should have data access restrictions and do not have secret code counteracting code injection from other modules.

DLL, SYS and EXE born on this date:

cpqarry2.sys   Sat Dec 07 06:36:59 2002
CAXHWAZL.sys   Thu Dec 07 19:45:29 2006
CAX_DPV.sys    Thu Dec 07 19:48:04 2006
CAX_CNXT.sys   Thu Dec 07 19:44:27 2006
b57w2k.sys     Tue Dec 07 01:50:11 2004
ViPrt.sys      Fri Dec 07 03:12:39 2007
ViBus.sys      Fri Dec 07 03:13:17 2007
dump_ViPrt.sys Fri Dec 07 03:12:39 2007

Weaknesses: Peculiar code. Nervous computational responses to external events.

Strengths: Sensitive to external events. Highly individualized code.

Advice: Socialize with other engineers. Don’t expect much from your current debugging sessions. Take it easy and answer when phone rings.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

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