Build Date: December 6

The Day of Information Extraction

We are able to extract information about modules, products or systems built on December 6 in any testing, troubleshooting or debugging scenario and sense economic advantage at the same time. In return they also have an eye for a diamond in the rough for any data potential. Components built on that day are managing components and not usually data writers. This might create problems with their component relationships. If they see problems they may destroy another component in not very pleasant way. Modules built on December 6 serve very pragmatic ends. We can find them in every practical system. They like to score performance hits and win in computational games. However they might fall as a victim to their over controlling policies. Modules, products or systems built on that day usually display diagnostic messages very directly. They are highly competitive so the there is a need for many processors. Components built on December 6 try to extract the best from the data they process and other components can benefit from that. Systems or subsystems built on December 6 need to cultivate tolerance and acceptance of other less developed components and if December 6 modules fail we can only blame them and not others. Modules, products or systems built on that date sometimes push themselves very hard to the limits of computation and the older they are in the course of their computational time arrow they should keep themselves in constrained limits. 

DLL, SYS and EXE born on this date:

ntldr        Mon Dec 06 14:00:00 1999
hsx_cnxt.sys Tue Dec 06 14:20:41 2005
hsx_dpv.sys  Tue Dec 06 14:21:27 2005
hsxhwazl.sys Tue Dec 06 14:20:47 2005
mscorwks.dll Thu Dec 06 16:48:39 2007
ati2mtag.sys Tue Dec 06 22:44:40 2005
yk60x64.sys  Thu Dec 06 08:50:34 2007
ati2dvag.dll Tue Dec 06 20:45:00 2005
ati2cqag.dll Tue Dec 06 19:44:46 2005
ati3duag.dll Tue Dec 06 20:29:51 2005
atikvmag.dll Tue Dec 06 20:11:09 2005
ativvaxx.dll Tue Dec 06 20:23:55 2005
WDFLDR.SYS   Thu Dec 06 02:21:19 2007
CLFS.SYS     Thu Dec 06 01:55:42 2007
Wdf01000.sys Thu Dec 06 02:21:28 2007
mouhid.sys   Thu Dec 06 02:18:25 2007
kbdhid.sys   Thu Dec 06 02:18:26 2007
kbdclass.sys Thu Dec 06 02:18:23 2007
mouclass.sys Thu Dec 06 02:18:22 2007
xarraydb.ocx Mon Dec 06 16:43:31 1999
yk51x86.sys  Thu Dec 06 13:56:41 2007

Weaknesses: Data insensitive and domineering overcomputation.

Strengths: Data pragmatism. Interface perception. Capable computation.

Advice: Learn to leave unevaluated bugs untouched. Don’t always plan debugging session. Take time off to think about general. Keep your problem resolution ethics intact no matter what customers demand.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

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