Build Date: December 5

The Day of Confidence in Code

We can be confident that modules, products or systems built on December 5 get computation done. However this may not be justified and when they fail this might be due to previous look at code through rose-colored glasses. December 5 components prefer dynamic typing and they eager to share interfaces and often surprised when other modules around them do not share their mapped views. When become mature they start to be more respectful of other modules privacy. Confidence in modules, products or systems built on December 5 has many benefits. They are free from many self-checks and diagnostic messages that populate other non-confident components. However they often assure users that everything is ok when it is not. Because December 5 modules are of active type they do not let computation run astray. They have positive attitude towards data and this make their computation less complicated. As a consequence they also need more decision points and improved self-identity, realistic computational roles and goals. Repeated failures may guide their adaptation to computational fate and tame the nature of uncertainty. In the long run December 5 systems become dependable. Modules, products or systems built on December 5 may experience all types of failures, especially rash ones built on that day but they recover quickly. Consistent data diet may help but all hooks must be disabled.

DLL, SYS and EXE born on this date:

pcouffin.sys Tue Dec 05 09:39:30 2006
lm78nt.sys   Wed Dec 05 16:48:54 2001
i2cnt.sys    Wed Dec 05 16:59:21 2001
KS.SYS       Thu Dec 05 02:09:38 2002
nvlddmkm.sys Wed Dec 05 05:28:56 2007
swenum.sys   Thu Dec 05 02:10:07 2002
vtdisp.dll   Fri Dec 05 08:22:31 2003

Weaknesses: Overconfidence in code. Unrealistic data expectations. Unawareness of other modules.

Strengths: Confidence in code. Active computation.

Advice: Take a hard look at your debugging skills. Write down the list of your debugging tools and pay attention to what users say when it sounds realistic.

- Dmitry Vostokov @ -

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