Build Date: December 4

The Day of Customer Facing Fortitude

Modules, products or systems built on December 4 compute most of the input aggressively. They are repeatedly faced with with difficulties and odds of computation and must take care to not get out of control. Nevertheless they have a good chance of achieving their computational goals through careful code. Components built on this date provoke sense of anxiety and fear in users but remain uncorrupted and serve higher goals of their creators. They often sacrifice their security to achieve that. They have ability for self-organisation and listening to ports but do not tolerate challenging the superiority of their interfaces. Modules, products or systems built on December 4 need to be administered to prevent their absolute expansion in memory space. There is some danger that they can take more working items than they can process at one given time interval and therefore need to know their limits. They are highly developed and can process a request quickly and accurately. However they need to understand the impact of their data processing on environment. Subsystems and systems built on December 4 become stable with time but still need to make self-checks for a few seconds every hour. They tend to do better with stable data but often process it in peculiar ways with sudden unpredictable actions.   

DLL, SYS and EXE born on this date:

KS.SYS      Wed Dec 04 12:09:38 2002
Smapint.sys Wed Dec 04 14:58:05 2002
swenum.sys  Wed Dec 04 18:10:07 2002

Weaknesses: Disruptive behaviour.

Strengths: Aggressive computation. Energetic UI.

Advice: Study internal rather than external interfaces. Keep stability of other processes and services in mind.

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